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John Adams High School is a proposed Douglas County 9th through 12th grade charter school planning to open the fall 2015, which may be pushed back to the fall of 2016. The school is being designed as a high school that will continue the excellent education received from area charter elementary and middle schools. The goal is to develop a school that will accommodate a large high school student body at full capacity and provide the full range of high school extracurricular activities.

Please note that John Adams High School is still in its formative stages.  Our programs and goals are being refined.  As such, content on this web site will change. 

  • John Adams High School will hold the next parent informational meeting in October or November.

  • The charter application was submitted on Friday, September 25th.  The Douglas County school District has 70 days to announce their decision.

  • Our last Parent Informational Meeting was held on  Wednesday, November 12th at Platte River Academy.
  • This week's topic (November 17th)  Is John Adams High School a for-profit  charter  school?  No, John Adams High. school is a non-profit charter school.  The school will not be managed by a Charter Management Organization (CMO) or an Educational Management Organization.   Instead the school will by a parent  Board of Directors.  The school has engaged  a number of organizations to help with writing the vharter application, reviewing the charter application and the purchase of the facility.   But, to be clear, John Adams High School has no long term engagement with these groups  and has only engaged these organizations for limited and specific projects.   The school is and always will be a non-profit organization and will always be lead by a team of parents, administrators and teachers working together.
  • Interested in enrolling? John Adams High School (JAHS) will be holding a lottery for enrollment eligibility for the 2015-2016 school year on Friday, December 5, 2014 to fill open seats in the ninth and tenth grades. Enrollment in high school will be open to all students in all surrounding areas with no district priority given. Parents must request enrollment for their child(ren) by submitting an online Intent to Enroll form prior to December 5, 2014.  To fill out an Intent to Enroll form -http://www.johnadamshs.org/content/intent-enroll.
    Details on Open Enrollment, Intent to Enroll and John Adams High School: https://www.facebook.com/JohnAdamsHS/posts/386323978182600
  • Keep checking for updates about upcoming Volunteer committee meetings!

"You will ever remember that all the end of study is to make you a good man and a useful citizen.” - John Adams



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